What I ate today (#wiat) is a fun art project I started in February 2012. The idea was to record everything I ate, keeping it loose and using simple tags and descriptions to capture food over a whole year through instagram.

Those who know me have had to wait patiently during that year while I'd take a photo, choose a filter, publish my photo and tag it - all before tucking into the food before me.

Throughout this project I realised just how robotic we've become as a society – a faceless cog in the 9-5 workforce machine. It made me think we've slowly started to loose our connection with what it means to be human - to be free, creative, and playful.

The Start

The 9-5 robot

As you can imagine I've heard all the comments, "Why don't you take a photo of what comes out the other end too?" Oh how I laughed. And having to explain the project every time I ate with new people. But I didn't let that deter me, for I could see the end result of the project in sight.

February – April 2012

At home

I was so determined to find a way out of the infamous 9-5 lifestyle that I decided take some time out of my freelancing career and spend it at home working on my own projects. Even if it meant cash reserves would be tight.

1 - 5 May 2012

During that time, I spent a wonderful week in Cornwall with the family. No WIFI, no 3G, it was the perfect getway to disconnect.

5 - 12 May 2012

Eventually, I got asked to go work on another project. Sometimes I think, "it'll be okay this time." But I wasn't ready to put the robot mask on and my own projects aside just yet.

14 - 24 May 2012

During this time I was able to reflect on life at home. Time is so precious and spending it thinking about what you want from life, seems to work better during long periods of procrastination. In this era, we are rushed off our feet from one thing to another, it's all about production, and not enough about contemplating and enjoying life.

14 May – 17 June 2012

Back to 9-5 robot

As time went on the whole thing became about more than just stats, I actually learnt a lot about myself too and how I use food as an escapism from the daily struggle of life.

You can see the reflective glow of those dull office lights in every cup of tea. It served as a function to allow myself to get from one point of the day to the next - tea, work, tea, work…

18 June – 26 July 2012


I always dreamed of spending the summer in Stockholm. Every time I think about Sweden my childhood memories always come flooding back and reliving those moments as an adult just seemed like the perfect holiday.

27 July – 12 August 2012


13 August – 30 September 2012

The Vegetarian Transition

Recording my meals gave me a huge amount of insight into the things I ate on a regular basis. The pictures created a map of my eating habits, and I started to question them. I didn't want to eat things I felt hurt other living beings and from the 1st of October I chose to become a vegetarian. This was the first of many conscious decisions to come.

1 October – 31 October 2012


1 November – 7 December 2012


By now you're thinking, why doesn't Hal have enough patience for work? But those of who know me well, if my heart isn't in something I can't pretend for long before change is necessary – being true to this ideology was one of things I always promised myself.

8 December 2012 – 9 February 2013

The End

I hope you enjoyed following my journey on instagram and on the site (which is finally here now). This project made me realise, that sometimes you'll never know what you'll get out of something until you actually follow it through. I also hope it made you think about gaining insight into what you put into your body on a daily basis.